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Podcast 用戶指南

  • 對於 iPad/iPhone,請確保您已安裝應用程序的 “Podcasts” (或其他播客app程序)。在 Safari 輸入 podcast feed 的網址,它會打開你的應用程序,並自動訂閱。
  • 對於 Android,可以安裝應用程序 “AntennaPod” (或其他播客app程序 Subscribe on Android),然後輸入 podcast feed 的網址,以訂閱。


Podcast User Guide

  • For iPad/iPhone, make sure you have the app “Podcasts” installed (or other podcast apps). Enter the podcast feed url in your Safari, it will open your app and subscribe automatically.
  • For Android, install the app “AntennaPod” (or other podcast apps Subscribe on Android), and enter the podcast feed url to subscribe.






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